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On Fri, 9 Dec 2016 00:53:05 -0800 John-David Dalton
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> It looks like you've ended up publishing all 407 individual packages as a
> single package 😕
> They were individual to allow folks to cherry-pick individual packages at
> their desired versions for each.
> - JDD

> Hmm... I can't really endorse this.

> Flattening packages to only their latest releases is pretty messy.
> I can't see that ending well. I may take steps to obstruct this kind
of thing in future releases."

I wanted to comment there, but it seems I can't comment there any more.

That is the whole point about Free Software, we are not dependent on the
choices of the developers. We are free to modify the software the way
want not the way the developers want.

Some developers like you want to force their choices on users of their
library. For another example see
https://github.com/humanmade/Salty-WordPress/issues/45 When I use grunt,
I want to be able to use it the way I want, not how grunt developers
want it. So in debian we patch grunt to use globally installed modules
and tasks.

We make sure the tests are passing with the dependencies available in
debian so we can make sure the functionality is not broken when changing
dependency versions.

The last comment about obstructing it shows your intolerance towards
users of your library. You can try, but if it is Free Software, we'll
find a way. This line of thinking is similar to how media companies want
to enforce DRM.

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