I have been trying to package rollup since weeks now, but haven't been able to make much headways.

It is a bundler for javascript (ES6) code, used by more and more packages. I need it to update node-es6-promise to the latest release and to make better packages (see acorn's #848507).

I have been able to get around using it for a few things (node-vlq, node-magic-string, acorn, ...) until now using node-es6-module-transpiler's compile-modules, but that has its limit : I don't really get bundles but only transpiled JS files -- useful, but not as good as what we should have.

The big problem is that rollup depends on itself and:
1. I haven't yet managed to bootstrap it using compile-modules ;
2. upstream doesn't even understand the question: https://github.com/rollup/rollup/issues/1050 !

My idea is to build rollup[stage1] with compile-modules, then compile rollup[stage2] with the rollup[stage1], then compile the packaged rollup with rollup[stage2], but I'm stuck trying to get stage1 -- and I have been stuck long enough that I think I should call for help on the matter ; the compilation fails with: compile-modules convert -f commonjs -Idist -Idist/utils -Ibin -I/usr/lib/nodejs -I/usr/lib/nodejs/sourcemap-codec/ -I/usr/lib/nodejs/acorn -I/usr/lib/nodejs/ast-types/lib -I/usr/lib/nodejs/graceful-fs -I/usr/lib/nodejs/magic-string -I/usr/lib/nodejs/ -I/usr/lib/nodejs/chalk -I/usr/lib/nodejs/minimist -I/usr/lib/nodejs/source-map-support src/finalisers/shared/esModuleExport.js > dist/finalisers/shared/esModuleExport.js
    throw ex;

TypeError: Cannot read property 'start' of null
    at fixTemplateLiteral (/usr/lib/nodejs/recast/lib/util.js:226:46)
at Object.util.fixFaultyLocations (/usr/lib/nodejs/recast/lib/util.js:160:5)
    at TreeCopier.TCp.copy (/usr/lib/nodejs/recast/lib/parser.js:108:10)
    at TreeCopier.TCp.copy (/usr/lib/nodejs/recast/lib/parser.js:146:30)
at Array.map (native) at TreeCopier.TCp.copy (/usr/lib/nodejs/recast/lib/parser.js:101:21) at TreeCopier.TCp.copy (/usr/lib/nodejs/recast/lib/parser.js:146:30) at TreeCopier.TCp.copy (/usr/lib/nodejs/recast/lib/parser.js:146:30) at Object.parse (/usr/lib/nodejs/recast/lib/parser.js:88:34 at Module.<anonymous> (/usr/lib/nodejs/es6-module-transpiler/lib/module.js:124:17)


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PS: notice that the git repo created by Sruthi Chandran looks pretty incorrect : it uses npm to install things!

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