Hello JavaScript Team,

I have a package pending with a Request for Sponsorship (my first package),
and I am blocked with the following lintian errors:

1. A source-is-missing error:

  js/jquery.flot.js line length is 3134 characters (>512)

This one occurs because the library flot (https://github.com/flot/flot),
which does not have a later release from the included release in 2014, has
an inlined function of 3134 characters:

Any tips on a good way to correct this?


2. Two source-is-missing errors that are false positives because of a long
line in the source file.

But if I create a


with the contents:

  rutorrent source: source-is-missing plugins/extsearch/init.js

then I get an error:

  rutorrent: malformed-override Override of source-is-missing for package
type source (expecting binary)

How can I successfully override these?


3. embedded-javascript-library warnings because upstream has packaged their
dependencies. The dependency versions are very old, for example:

Based on the md5sum of jquery.js, upstream is using jQuery v1.11.2.

libjs-jquery is 3.1.1-2, two major versions ahead, thus I doubt I can drop
in this replacement and test thoroughly enough to ship it with any
confidence that there won't be many run-time bugs.

And if I can't drop in a replacement, I would feel quite a hindrance to the
developer bothering him with updating his JavaScript dependencies that
currently work just fine.

I have noticed that, for example, the "wordpress" package has overrides:
# Opportunistic replacement is in place but the Debian version does
# not match the wordpress version
wordpress: embedded-javascript-library
usr/share/wordpress/wp-includes/js/jquery/jquery.form.js please use
wordpress: embedded-javascript-library
usr/share/wordpress/wp-includes/js/jquery/jquery.form.min.js please use

Is it acceptable for me to do the same, at least for the time being?


Package can be seen here:


and the associated RFS:

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