> Remove the file from the tarball, you shouldn't use it anyway, use the
> libjs-jquery-flot package instead.

Oh, nice! Thank you for pointing that out! Got it :)

> > 2. Two source-is-missing errors that are false positives because of a long
> > line in the source file.
> Why do you think they are false positives? Very long lines aren't usually
> user-editable.

They are false positives because the long lines are strings with HTML tags, i.e.

   "<div id='buttons' class='aright buttons-list'><input type='button'
class='OK Button' value="+theUILang.ok+"
type='button' class='Cancel Button'

> > But if I create a
> >
> >   debian/rutorrent.lintian-overrides
> >
> > with the contents:
> >
> >   rutorrent source: source-is-missing plugins/extsearch/init.js
> >
> > then I get an error:
> >
> >   rutorrent: malformed-override Override of source-is-missing for package
> > type source (expecting binary)
> >
> > How can I successfully override these?
> debian/rutorrent.lintian-overrides contains overrides for the rutorrent
> binary package. The manual says "If the override is for a source package,
> you have to place it at debian/source/lintian-overrides or
> debian/source.lintian-overrides (the former path is preferred)."

Now I continue to get the lintian error and then have a warning:

  rutorrent source: unused-override source-is-missing plugins/extsearch/init.js

😕 any idea why lintian will not use the override?

----- ACTUALLY, GOT IT ------
I left the above for future reference for anyone else confused, but I
had to copy the entire line:

  rutorrent source: source-is-missing plugins/extsearch/init.js line
length is 288 characters (>256)

Looks like lintian is very particular in this way.

Now I just have my questions from part 3 remaining 😊 I was actually
able to drop-in a excanvas and libphp-snoopy, so it's only
libjs-jquery that I cannot drop in version 3 without breaking the
entire system. I would really like to push forward with including
jquery v1.11.2 in the missing-sources if possible.

Thanks so much for your help so far.


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