Pirate Praveen:
> On വ്യാഴം 05 ജനുവരി 2017 05:23 വൈകു, Ximin Luo wrote:
>> Hi, please don't add these people.
>> People in the alioth group have read-write access to all pkg-javascript git 
>> repos as well as shell access on that machine.
>> I don't think it's right to give this many people, who show up at an event, 
>> this level of access without any other requirement. It is too dangerous.
> They have been learning packaging and doing hands on work for 4 full
> days (at least 8*4 hours of continuous packaging work). This is how we
> add new people to a project. It is something that has to be fixed in the
> tools.
>> I have rejected these requests and removed these people until they package a 
>> second package *in their own spare time* outside of an event. In the 
>> meantime, they can push their packages on github, this is adequate for a 
>> sponsored upload to Debian.
> I think they qualify the requirements we ask for any new contributor.

This has nothing to do with tools, as Jonas mentioned it is about a continual 
time dedication to a FOSS project. Please try to understand this.

It is easy to find people that will do some work at an event under guidance, 
but this is very different from someone finding alioth in their own spare time 
and out of their own motivation. So the situation is different from typical 
contributors that make these requests.

To be granted access, someone should demonstrate that they will properly take 
care of the things they claim responsibility for, not merely doing a one-time 
task at a fun event that temporarily is quite enjoyable.

As I said, I will happily agree to accept any of these people if they send in a 
request at a later date, indicating that they have one of the latter qualities, 
either by packaging a second package or by showing that they have properly 
maintained the first package that they have taken on.

Otherwise, from what you described, it doesn't seem like alioth access is vital 
for what these people want to do anyway.


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