Pirate Praveen:
> On വ്യാഴം 05 ജനുവരി 2017 06:09 വൈകു, Ximin Luo wrote:
>> This has nothing to do with tools, as Jonas mentioned it is about a 
>> continual time dedication to a FOSS project. Please try to understand this.
> Yes, it has a lot to do with our tools. If we were using a git hosting
> tool like gitlab or pagure, we could have reviewed pull requests before
> we grant access to a new contributor.
> You can't demand such dedication from a new contributor. Did you sign
> such a commitment before you got access to pkg-javascript team and debian?
> What did you mean when you said they can use github.com? Isn't that
> evidence of our lack of tools to bring new people to debian? Why should
> I tell anyone to use a proprietary service to contribute to debian? This
> is something we got to fix.
>> It is easy to find people that will do some work at an event under guidance, 
>> but this is very different from someone finding alioth in their own spare 
>> time and out of their own motivation. So the situation is different from 
>> typical contributors that make these requests.
> We don't ask any new contributor for such commitment and it is not
> acceptable you acting unilaterally and removing people from the group.
>> To be granted access, someone should demonstrate that they will properly 
>> take care of the things they claim responsibility for, not merely doing a 
>> one-time task at a fun event that temporarily is quite enjoyable.
> We don't ask such questions to any new contributors. Is it just because
> there were many? If there were only one or two people, you would not
> have even noticed it. So is bringing more people to debian discouraged?
>> As I said, I will happily agree to accept any of these people if they send 
>> in a request at a later date, indicating that they have one of the latter 
>> qualities, either by packaging a second package or by showing that they have 
>> properly maintained the first package that they have taken on.
> If that is the qualification, then we should make it as a team policy
> and enforce it for everyone.
>> Otherwise, from what you described, it doesn't seem like alioth access is 
>> vital for what these people want to do anyway.
> You clearly accepted my argument that its a tool problem. We don't have
> tools in debian to accept contributions this way.

Please try to understand the difference between 10 people at an event asking 
for access because 1 person instructed them to, vs single people asking for 
access at unrelated periods.

Otherwise, this discussion won't move forward.

There are many ways of contributing to Debian and FOSS, and spamming your way 
into infrastructure isn't one of them.

Some people have said they agree with me in other channels, so I am acting as 
"unilaterally" as you are, by inviting this many people into the group without 
consulting people first.

I don't think we need a formal policy, just rough understanding of the point 
that I am trying to make:

10 people at an event asking for access because 1 person instructed them to, vs 
single people asking for access at unrelated periods. These are very very 
different things. Please try to understand this, rather than nitpicking various 
aspects of the point I am making.


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