On 11/01/2017 15:54, Pirate Praveen wrote:
> On ചൊവ്വ 03 ജനുവരി 2017 07:26 വൈകു, Paolo Greppi wrote:
>> On 28/12/2016 18:15, Paolo Greppi wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>> since node-cheerio (https://bugs.debian.org/848315) which is a requirement 
>>> of etherpad-lite (https://bugs.debian.org/576998) needs htmlparser2 
>>> "^3.9.1", I have updated node-htmlparser2 from version 3.7.3 to the current 
>>> version 3.9.2.
>>> And since we now have node-dom{elementtype,handler,utils} in the archive, I 
>>> have unbundled them.
>>> Also I have turned on tests, and they pass so that also 
>>> https://bugs.debian.org/794988 is fixed.
>>> node-htmlparser2 has a single reverse dependency: node-jsdom.
>>> But node-jsdom currently fails to pass autopkgtests anyway 
>>> (https://ci.debian.net/packages/n/node-jsdom/)
>>> nor does it have a proper test suite.
>>> I noticed that the repo on alioth has not the usual branch layout, so I 
>>> have set it up in a separate repo:
>>> https://anonscm.debian.org/git/pkg-javascript/node-htmlparser2_new.git
>>> Please someone more experienced than me review it and if it's OK sponsor 
>>> its upload.
>>> Paolo
>> bump ?
> I see only master branch in this repo. Can you push the other branches?

I think you are looking at the old repo here:

The repo I created has all the branches / tags:

I have created a new repo because the old one has this weird branch layout and 
a lot of tags, but I was shy of deleting it.

We can of course do a:

ssh git.debian.org
cd /git/pkg-javascript
rm -rf node-htmlparser2.git/
mv node-htmlparser2._new.git/ node-htmlparser2.git/

but then we'd have to update it in debian/control since that currently points 
to node-htmlparser2_new


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