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Alex Henry <> wrote:
> Severity: grave
> Justification: renders package unusable

Thank you for considering the severity of bug reports. You claim the
package is unusable in general, but I don't see anything in your
description that supports this.

The only description of package behaviour you give is:

> […] the *extremely outdated* version
> proved by this package siomply doesn't work anymore.

In what specific way does this package not work anymore? What should it
do at version 1.4.21, what does it do instead on Debian? There must be
some *specific, actionable* behaviour where the package behaves in a
buggy way at version 1.4.21.

So far this seems to be in fact a request to package a newer version,
which is a “Severity: wishlist” request.

_o__) Ben Finney <>

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