On 03/19/17 19:30, Paul Gevers wrote:
> However, other solutions may lay in the direction of
> removing/downgrading dependencies of libjs-openlayers on
> libjs-jquery-mobile (how much is it needed for a documentation
> package?), removing the horde dependency (apparently the Horde usage is
> broken already since 2014, see bug 749799 in CC) and similar dependency
> tree resolutions. I'll try to make time to look into this, but don't
> mind if other people beat me to it.

@Horde maintainers: do you know how bad the current situation is? I.e.
is shipping without libjs-jquery-mobile a worse experience from the
Horde point of view than shipping with the broken libjs-jquery-mobile?
Do I understand the packing content well enough when I say it looks like
by just dropping the Depends in d/control, you get the a package that
doesn't depend (duh) anymore but doesn't behave much different, or is
there much magic in "--buildsystem=phppear --with phppear"?

If I understand correctly, adding the jquery-mobile package from
upstream Horde to the php-horde-core package would require a new source,
right, as the jquery code is stripped from the Debian source. (This note
is just for info, in case somebody thinks along those lines).


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