I very much don't agree with the set of arguments in the #857986 bug
report. Npm can be used for a large amount of things, of which may not
include downloading and installing the very latest version of a
Javascript module. Therefore, the package is still useable for a wide
set of functionalities within the scope of Debian and the set of package
we have (for example, for rebuilding).

Also, removing such a non-leaf package at this point of the release is a
way too late. IMO, a bug should have been opened a long time ago asking
for an upgrade of the package.

Last, at this point in time, I believe we should discuss the issue with
the release team. They may agree, for example, that we upgrade the
package to a newer version (this is unlikely, but it is up to them to
tell). They may don't agree that we "fix" so many source package to
remove the build-dependency. Anyway, the solution should be discuss with
them. Therefore, I'm CC-ing the release team.

In any case, once Stretch is released, we must make sure such an
important package gets better maintenance, and follow upstream closely.


Thomas Goirand (zigo)

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