Jérémy Lal:
> 2017-04-03 16:45 GMT+02:00 Niels Thykier <ni...@thykier.net>:
>> [...]
>> @Jérémy Lal: Your call:
>>  * Are you willing to support npm for 3-5 years in stretch given its
>>    current state?
>>    - If yes, then tag the npm bug stretch-ignore or downgrade it
>>    - If no, then we will effectuate the removal before the release.
> I agree completely with the above analysis, and I'm not willing to support
> the current npm version that is in testing.
> To others, preoccupied that npm won't be available in debian:
> - please help with npm maintenance
> - hopefully we'll make an updated version installable through debian 
> backports,
> Jérémy.

Thanks for the reply.  Accordingly, I have tagged the following bugs:

 * is-blocker: #857994 (qtwebchannel-opensource-src)
 * will-remove: #857986, #857990, #857991

Note for ruby-license-finder + npm2deb: If the package can trivially
drop the npm dependency, it is welcome to stay in stretch.

@QT/KDE maintainers: A timely upload for #857994 would greatly be
appreciated, so we can finish up this soon.


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