Hi folks,

I'm currently packaging nodejs-7.9 for various deb Distros.

I'll have to maintain some applications that use the fanciest
new features, and precompiled binaries from untrusted sources
(eg. nvm+friends) of course are not an option.

Before I go all of this alone - is there anybody here who already
done this ? Or anything I should consider ?

My current plan is:
* install in similar way as jvm (/usr/lib/nodejs/nodejs-$version)
* for now I'll just directly symlink - update-alternatives support
  comes in a later step (or maybe someone here likes to help ?)
* the actual nodejs package will be named "nodejs-$version", the
  symlinks in package "nodejs".

The tricky part will be a safe upgrade path from current 0.10
and npm's dependencies.

What do you folks think about that ?


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