On 04.05.2017 16:48, Pirate Praveen wrote:

>> What do you folks think about that ?
> Stretch already has 4.8.2. I think its better to just update nodejs for 
> buster instead of maintaining multiple nodejs versions.

Unfortunately, I've got some applications that need a pretty new
version. (you know how these web-scripters always need the fanciest
newest features, just to save a few keystrokes :o)

Meanwhile, I've got it packaged (now lets see whether it still works
in the pbuilder env ;-)).

A few things still anoying me: I yet have hardcode the version number
in the pathes in *.install files.

BTW: I'm yet unsure whether it's wise to have everything under prefix
/usr/lib/nodejs/nodejs-$version, or it should be splitted out into the
individual FHS components like that

* /usr/bin/nodejs-$version
* /usr/man/man1/nodejs-$version.1
* /usr/share/doc/nodejs-$version/
* ...

An still open question is how to cope w/ the modules search pathes.
I guess (not tested yet) it will now look at /usr/lib/nodejs-$version/
(haven't applied the FHS patch yet). Perhaps it should be changed to:

  var paths = ['/usr/lib/nodejs/nodejs-$version/lib','/usr/lib/nodejs']


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