Quoting Johannes Schauer (2017-07-05 21:16:38)
> Quoting Jonas Smedegaard (2017-07-05 21:04:44)
> > Quoting Johannes Schauer (2017-07-05 18:26:40)
> > > Maybe I misunderstand but this bug report is not about "changing" 
> > > or "bumping" anything.
> > > 
> > > Since npm2deb creates the *initial* Debian packaging, the 
> > > situation where we start with a lower Standards-Version and then 
> > > have to verify changes before we can "bump" the Standards-Version 
> > > doesn't arise.
> > 
> > Right, this is not about single package bumping as I confusingly 
> > wrote, but instead about automated processing where it is even 
> > _more_ important to verify that the claimed Standards-Version is 
> > accurately applied, and even _more_ important to consider if newest 
> > shiny denhelper really is needed!
> Lets not conflate the two issues. I assume that it's uncontroversial 
> that the newest Standards-Version should be emitted because it doesn't 
> make sense to pick any old policy version and then require the 
> maintainer to bump the version bit by bit, right?

If npm2deb maintainers has only verified that the tool comply with some 
older version of Debian Policy, then indeed the burden is on each 
maintainer using the tool to verify that the generated package comply 
with a different (newer) release of Debian Policy.

I am not against this being addressed. My point is just that addressing 
it involves actually checking that newer release of Debian Policy and 
ensuring that the tool complies with it.

 - Jonas

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