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Any progress on getting Etherpad into Debian?  I would love to add
support for Etherpad to FreedomBox, but for that to happen there
need to be maintainable packages in Debian.

Yesteday, the Software Freedom Conservancy announced that Etherpad
join the Conservancy as a member, see
<URL: https://sfconservancy.org/news/2017/jul/20/etherpad/ >.  Perhaps
that might motivate more people to get Etherpad into Debian?

the Linux Hotel (Ingo Wichmann) had plans to sponsor the upload of etherpad to Debian. I discourged the request because of the following:

rough statistics:

   140 marked as "not in Debian" (maybe with some false positives)
   2h per package (absolutely the minimum required time) -> 280 h
   280h * 75?/h -> 21.000 EUR

... we are talking of 35 days of full time work.


This raw calculation was made by me around April 2016.


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