* Paul Gevers: " Re: [Pkg-javascript-devel] parallel installation" (Tue, 15 Aug
  2017 21:20:49 +0200):

> Hi,
> On 14-08-17 20:38, Hubert Chathi wrote:
> > At the BoF at DebConf, we were talking about parallel installation of
> > different versions of JS libraries.  In order to do parallel
> > installation, we'd need differently named packages for different
> > versions, and it seems like the obvious way to do that is to have
> > packages called something like libjs-fooVER and node-fooVER, where VER
> > some sort of the API version, similar to the way that C/C++ library
> > packages are named after the library SONAME.  If upstream follows semver
> > properly, then VER would be the major version number.  
> This sounds like a reasonable approach, but what I am missing is a
> recommendation on what to do to keep the number of packages limited. I
> think it is not such a great idea to replace one problem (not the right
> version) with another one (too many packages to support).
> One approach could be for example the following. Try to have only two
> versions per release, but really limit the number to a maximum of 3.

I think instead of hardcoding a number of allowed versions it would be more
adequate to check, if a library is still needed and remove it as soon as any
package no more depends on it.


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