On ചൊവ്വ 10 ഒക്ടോബര്‍ 2017 01:03 വൈകു, Chris Lamb wrote:
> Pirate,
>> Now with those files removed from the source tarball, lets move on.
>> Please see if the current uploads in NEW meets the criteria.
> Please try and refrain such emotionally-driven comments in future. I
> hope it is clear I attempted to be friendly and reset the frame of this
> discussion, but in my experience it rarely helps to lash out like this,
> especially when asking someone to do something for you.

I only intended to close this discussion and not meant to lash out at
you. Sorry if you found it offensive. My only intention was to not stall
every other package on this point. I only wanted to point out, I have
responded to your concern by uploading a fixed version.

>> I have suggested two possible solutions and you seem to be fixated on
>> the semantics of the problem than a solution.
> I assure you I am not. Your solutions seemed to imply we were looking at
> a different problem altogether and were furthermore retrograde and/or
> detrimental to the packaging such as removing useful things such as tests,
> etc.

We are not running tests currently, so it does not affect the quality of
the package.

> The obvious solution to me is to remove the accidental reference in
> debian/copyright, not remove the file which contains some meta-copyright
> message.

If this was suggested early on, we did not have to go through this long
thread. I can add it back in future if we enable tests without the
section in copyright file.

Since the now removed directory has a LICENSE file different from the
rest of the code, it did not look obvious to me.

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