This is regarding the debian/watch issue but I am directing it here
because that bug [1] was merged into this one [2].

On Tue, Sep 12, 2017 at 1:07 PM, Robert J. Clay <> wrote:
> .... The bug is tagged as 'fixed-stream' and I was
> going to try a test build of 1.12.2 (which I had to download manually
> because the current d/watch doesn't appear to work) but that archive
> appears to be missing (at least) the utils directory.

   I did some more investigation (since none of the dojo bugs have had
any followup recently except from me) and found that the archive I
manually downloaded was the wrong one.  Investigating further I found
that the error being seen when the current debian/watch is used is
coming up because the uscan process is not checking in the
subdirectories of the download page and is therefore not finding the
correct archive. (Why it is then trying the 'shrinksafe' archive which
although still being referenced is no longer available, is unclear to

Further, what I found is that a change to the debian/watch file by the
then maintainer (who, btw, took himself out of the Uploaders list with
the most recent upload) has had the effect of no longer doing the
upstream search correctly and therefore not being able to find the
correct new upstream archive. The difference appearing to be changing
"/release-([\d\.]*)/"   to  "/release-(\d.*)/" in the URL template
part the command, apparently intended to "Support development
versions" according to the 1.11.0~rc3+dfsg-1  debian/changelog where
the change appears to have taken place.  Adding those square brackets
back in allows it to correctly find and then repack the correct new
version of the archive.

Robert J. Clay,

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