On 2017, നവംബർ 28 5:10:36 AM IST, Paolo Greppi <paolo.gre...@libpf.com> wrote:
>Hi, I have prepared the update to node-debug version 3.1.0
>Note that this now depends on node-ms, whose upload was sponsored 3
>weeks ago:
>(but is still in the NEW queue)

We have to wait till it clears NEW or node-debug becomes uninstallable. You can 
try talking to ftp masters to prioritize node-ms.

>It also produces a libjs-debug binary, see my message of Nov 3rd:
>I could work around the problem of browserify-lite ignoring modules in
>by using the NODE_PATH environment variable as suggested in:
>(I don't have to resolve modules recursively so that was enough)
>Please someone allow me DM upload access for this package or sponsor
>the upload:

I can do it once node-ms clears NEW.

>P.S. as a side-effect to this update, as mentioned in the ITP for
>all packages that import humanize from node-debug as ms must be updated
>to depend 
>on node-ms instead. On closer inspection they should be only 3, so I
>have filed
>3 bugs:
>- node-connect-timeout https://bugs.debian.org/882965
>- node-send https://bugs.debian.org/882963
>- node-serve-favicon https://bugs.debian.org/882964

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