2017-11-30 13:03 GMT+01:00 Paolo Greppi <paolo.gre...@libpf.com>:

> Il 30/11/2017 10:59, Jérémy Lal ha scritto:
> > ...
> >     Jérémy would you only remove the --shared-zlib ?
> >     Since I have no access to any MIPS hardware, I am trying that on
> amd64, on top of branch master-6.x, at least we'll see if it also breaks
> the build there.
> >
> >     Anyway is only that blocking nodejs 6 out of testing ?
> >     Because if that's so, probably it could be OK to just skip the test
> and postpone the investigation ... just add a TODO in the patch ?
> >
> > No there's also a segfault #878674 which is not blocking right now,
> > but might become again severe.
> > Also #859297 the openssl 1.1 "migration" (a bad name since it requires
> > heavy changes to nodejs core). On that front, hopefully nodejs 8 will
> fix it.
> > So the goal is more or less upload nodejs 8 asap instead of coping with a
> > sinking ship.
> >
> > Jérémy
> >
> OK so nodejs 6 while in unstable triggered the build failures on mips and
> mipsel and #878674
> Testing is used by more people than unstable, so it's likely to trigger
> more trouble if it gets into testing.
> On the other hand if testing were to go from nodejs 4 straight to 8 or 9
> it would trigger yet more & all at once.
> IMHO better have it introduced in degrees, so that we address the trouble
> from 4 to 6 separately from that from 6 to 8/9.
> So just send nodejs 6 into testing and let it rain cats & dogs (hey, it's
> called testing !).
> Maybe while 6 is in testing we can move 8/9 to unstable.

>From what i've seen, updating to latest nodejs LTS is usually more of a
solution than a problem,
considering most modules have released versions compatible with node LTS,
and sometimes
incompatible with previous LTS.
It is true however that more recent v8 has tendency to drop support for
legacy cpu (as for < armv7),
so updating could mean dropping support for one of those architectures.

In any case I agree that for buster, due to the openssl "migration" nodejs
> 6 is unacceptable.
> BTW according to:
> https://github.com/nodejs/Release#release-schedule
> nodejs 8.x will still support OpenSSL-1.0.2.
> In here ("Discussion: OpenSSL 1.1.0 planning"):
> https://github.com/nodejs/node/issues/4270
> it says "Taking this off the 8.0.0 milestone"
> and in here ("Support both OpenSSL 1.1.0 and 1.0.2"):
> https://github.com/nodejs/node/pull/16130
> it says "The plan would be to land this in ~9.1.0 or thereabouts"

The "build with shared openssl 1.1" switch PR has been merged, so it is
available on node 9,
maybe only on master for now, soon to be released i guess.

> Back to the attempted build using embedded (latest) zlib, in fact
> deps/zlib is missing from master-6.x because it's removed by the repack.
> I'll update you as soon as my attempts give some useful result.

Let me know if you need some help with including zlib again in nodejs
source tarball.
I can do it quickly.

Finally, I noticed that the zlib version embedded in nodejs has been 1.2.11
> from at least 4.8 up to current upstream master.
> In sid we have zlib1g-dev 1.2.8.dfsg-5 and ubuntu has 1.2.11.dfsg-0ubuntu2.
> So I just reported: https://bugs.debian.org/883180

Thanks for that one.

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