Il 30/11/2017 10:59, Jérémy Lal ha scritto:
>     > I wanted to test if the failures happen when building using embedded 
> (latest) zlib.
>     > However it did not go so well (remove the --shared flags in 
> debian/rules makes the
>     > build fail and i don't understand why) and i'm extremely busy these 
> days...
>     >
>     > Jérémy

As I said, I can't test the build on MIPS because I have no access to that, but 
this is how I built it on amd64:

cd nodejs
git checkout master-6.x
gbp buildpackage -uc -us
tar cf ../nodejs_debian.tar debian/
cd ..
rm nodejs_6.12.0~dfsg.orig.tar.gz 
mkdir nodejs_zlib
cd nodejs_zlib
git init
gbp import-orig -u 6.12.0 ../nodejs-6.12.0.tar.gz 
tar xf ../nodejs_debian.tar
# remove deps/zlib/* from debian/copyright, Files-Excluded
# remove the --shared-zlib from debian/rules
# in debian/gbp.conf, use upstream / master branches + remove sign-tags
git add debian
git commit -am 'add debian dir'
rm ../nodejs-6.12.0.tar.gz
uscan --force-download
gbp import-orig ../nodejs_6.12.0~dfsg.orig.tar.gz
gbp buildpackage -uc -us

With or without embedded zlib, it fails with these tests "not ok":

not ok 336 parallel/test-fs-access
not ok 808 parallel/test-process-geteuid-getegid
not ok 821 parallel/test-process-setuid-setgid
not ok 905 parallel/test-require-invalid-package

Apart from that it should be buildable on mips too.


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