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> Hello,
> I was looking to update zotero, which needs a newer npm.
> I was curious, so I tried building a npm using upstream's 5.6.0, and I
> have something that almost installs & runs.


> Several dependencies are out of date in Debian, and there's still a
> fair number of node_modules that don't seem to have a corresponding
> Debian package.
> Would it be worth sharing these changes? How would you prefer to
> receive / review them? There's a few issues I avoided that need some
> discussion. (Like they embed a copy of node-gyp, and several scripts
> hard code relative paths to that copy)

We should package the remaining modules (we have to package about 38
more modules https://pad.disroot.org/p/npm-list ). You can just file
ITPs of missing modules and package them.

We keep this https://wiki.debian.org/Javascript/Nodejs/Tasks/npm
refreshed often.

Also we should try to replace embedded copies with packaged versions.

> I wanted to get in touch with people in the javascript team before
> slogging through updating the copyright file.

Welcome to the team!

We can take a bit of shortcut if the module is too small and unlikely to
be required by other tools by embedding it.

We can always unbundle them if more packages starts depending on them
(like we did with node-asap).

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