2018-01-24 8:14 GMT+01:00 Diane Trout <di...@ghic.org>:

> Hello,
> I was looking to update zotero, which needs a newer npm.
> I was curious, so I tried building a npm using upstream's 5.6.0, and I
> have something that almost installs & runs

npm maintenance needs a lot of help, great !

> Several dependencies are out of date in Debian, and there's still a
> fair number of node_modules that don't seem to have a corresponding
> Debian package.

This is the main part of the job.
So many dependencies are typically "for npm use only", so it'd be nice to
use uscan/multiple tarballs features to package them together.
I don't have that time right now.

Would it be worth sharing these changes? How would you prefer to
> receive / review them? There's a few issues I avoided that need some
> discussion. (Like they embed a copy of node-gyp, and several scripts
> hard code relative paths to that copy)

Sure ! You could work on a branch of npm pkg-javascript repository,
and ask me for reviewing it and merging it. If all goes well, after that
review, you'll work directly on master branch.

I wanted to get in touch with people in the javascript team before
> slogging through updating the copyright file.

That's also something quite time-consuming.

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