On Mon, Jun 09, 2008 at 04:52:25PM +0200, David Paleino wrote:
> On Mon, 09 Jun 2008 16:49:18 +0200, Francesco Potorti` wrote:
> > As far as I understand, when no options are used, the mangling will take
> > place as the last step, am I right?
> Alexander? (i.e. I don't know)

Actually, this is in the documentation and normally I refuse to answer
end-user questions on JtR via private e-mail - I insist that people
either ask via the john-users mailing list, where answers benefit the
community at large, or purchase support. ;-)  But I'll make an exception
for the Debian package this time.

No, when no options are passed to "john", the word mangling is not the
last step.  doc/EXAMPLES says:

"2. Now, let's assume you've got a password file, "mypasswd", and want to
crack it.  The simplest way is to let John use its default order of
cracking modes:

        john mypasswd

This will try "single crack" mode first, then use a wordlist with rules,
and finally go for "incremental" mode.  Please refer to MODES for more
information on these modes."

Also, one of the answers in FAQ has this:

"... With no cracking mode requested
explicitly, John will start with "single crack" mode (pass 1), then
proceed with wordlist mode (pass 2), and finally with "incremental" mode
(pass 3).  The pass numbers are reported on the status line, too."

Maybe this information should be in other places in the documentation as
well (in README or in OPTIONS?)

> > One more thing.  I found no way of indicating more than one word list in
> > the config file.  If this in fact the case, maybe it could be mentioned
> > in the manual.
> Again, Alexander? :)

Yes, this is in fact the case.  If you have multiple wordlists, it is
recommended that you combine them with "cat ... | unique NEW-FILE",
where "unique" is the included symlink to "john".



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