>No, when no options are passed to "john", the word mangling is not the
>last step.

Ok, thank you.  

What seems strange to me, however, is that the rules option needs a
wordlist option on the command line.  Why not using the one in the
config file if no wordlist is provided explicitely?

>"... With no cracking mode requested
>explicitly, John will start with "single crack" mode (pass 1), then
>proceed with wordlist mode (pass 2), and finally with "incremental" mode
>(pass 3).  The pass numbers are reported on the status line, too."
>Maybe this information should be in other places in the documentation as
>well (in README or in OPTIONS?)

In my opinion, yes.  And you could state explicitely that no mangling
happens on the wordlist.

>Yes, this is in fact the case.  If you have multiple wordlists, it is
>recommended that you combine them with "cat ... | unique NEW-FILE",
>where "unique" is the included symlink to "john".

Probably it would be useful to put this information somewhere in the

Thank you for john.

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