> No. basket will not crash. basket will refuse to load.  If you have changed 
> the .desktop file manually, then it will crash. That's exactly the point of 
> that digit in that desktop file. (It is a binary compability indicator. if 
> they aren't binary compatible, it will blow up. 

Thanks for the explanation. This was posted as news on http://basket.kde.org - 
hence our fiddling with that .desktop file:

"[2008-02-28] Reintegrate BasKet Note Pads in Kontact

A few months ago, Kontact changed its plugin version number and think the 
BasKet Note Pads plugin is too old and is now incompatible. It has a poor 
plugin mechanism, that will perhapse be fixed in KDE 4.

In the meantime, if you want to integrate BasKet Note Pads in Kontact again, 
you need to edit the following file as root: 
And change the line "X-KDE-KontactPluginVersion=4" to become (number changed) 
I'm told Kontact from KDE 3.5.9 changed again, so you need to use the number 6.
Restart Kontact, and you should see BasKet Note Pads.

In the future, if the problem reappears, change it to 7 and test, then 8..."

> We are working on a fix.

Thankyou :)

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