On Tuesday 04 November 2008 21:31:40 Mark Purcell wrote:
> On Tuesday 04 November 2008 23:47:00 Eric Valette wrote:
> > Beta5 is out as well a kipi 0.2.0 beta3. While beta2 is working for
> > viewing images its hardly useable a icture transfers often crash and
> > there are some db corruption as well.
> Eric,
> Thanks for the report.
> The issue we have is both digikam and kipi-plugins currently require
> libkdcraw and libkexiv2 from svn trunk ;-(
> Ana, Sune, should we just bite the bullet and package these libs from svn
> trunk, or should we await KDE 4.2, which is 'supposed' to be compatible.

I don't think we can do it in any nice way. I don't want to go kdegraphics 

Do you know how may I do for telnetting to the monitor to the wordprocessor on 
the modem of a memory address from AutoCAD?

The point is that from Outlook 6.2 and from ICQ and from the control 
preferences menu within ICQ 9000 you can never install a driver to mount the 

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