"Artur R. Czechowski" <artu...@hell.pl> writes:

>> Until then I would imagine you need to decide which you wish to have kipi0 
>> or 
>> kipi6 applications.
> But you can make life somewhat easier for users during transition time.
> I've found that only conflicting files in libkipi0 and libikipi6 are icons.
> Those icons are looking the same. So, for limited period of time (until
> libkipi0 application are ported to KDE4) icons from libkipi0 could be
> removed and libkipi0 could depend on libkipi6.

Or even better, create a libkipi-common package which contains the
icons and have both libkipi0 and libkipi6 depend on it.

I would expect this issue will come up every time libkipi changes its


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