Hello, KDE people.

I notice kdegraphics 4.2.2 provides a libkexiv2-7 binary, which is is a
"higher" SONAME than the one provided by the libkexiv2 source package
both in unstable and experimental. Does this mean the libkexiv2 source
package, together with its libkexiv2-{3,5} and libkexiv2-dev binary
packages, should be removed from unstable and experimental?

Additionally, I notice kdegraphics 4.2.2 provides libkexiv2-7-dev
instead of libkexiv2-dev. Is there a reason for this? I realize it has
very few reverse dependencies, but unless there's a reason for it, I
think it'd be much better if the old libkexiv2-dev could be preserved.
(We can talk about when would be the best timing to change it back.)


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