> > I notice kdegraphics 4.2.2 provides a libkexiv2-7 binary, which is is a
> > "higher" SONAME than the one provided by the libkexiv2 source package
> > both in unstable and experimental. Does this mean the libkexiv2 source
> > package, together with its libkexiv2-{3,5} and libkexiv2-dev binary
> > packages, should be removed from unstable and experimental?

Yes. Upstream have merged the lib into KDE4 core libs.

There is a new upstream KDE3 version of libkexiv2 that does build with the new 
exiv2. However as KDE3 is now depreciated i haven't packaged it.

In summary I'm happy to drop the libkexiv2 source package and only build with 
the libkexiv2 provided by the kdegraphics package.

In slower time kdegraphics should also provide libkexiv2-dev.


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