2009/9/22 Resul Cetin <resul-ce...@gmx.net>:
> I used kaffeine for kde3 to view dvb-c channels. After an update to kde4
> version I can scan fine for dvb channels but when I want to start to play
> something it will just say "cannot find demultiplexer plugin for the given
> media data". Tested again with some random files on my hd and it worked
> without problems. They are mpeg4 avc and similar codecs. I dumped the stream
> with `mplayer dvb://ZDF -dumpstream` and tried to start it afterwards with
> `kaffeine stream.dump` and it worked fine.

Stop double-clicking on channel entries ...

> Similar problem with dvds. It outputs "Cannot find input plugin for MRL
> [dvd:/]". This seam due to missing /dev/dvd on my system. Only /dev/dvd1 is
> available here (only have one drive). I can play the stream.dump with kaffeine
> when I dump everything with `mplayer dvd:////dev/cdrom1 -dumpstream`. Linking
> to /dev/dvd to /dev/dvd1 also helped. Don't know how to set the current drive
> in kaffeine so it works on debian.

This is fixed in svn (device detection using solid).


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