> 2009/9/22 Resul Cetin <resul-ce...@gmx.net>:
> > I used kaffeine for kde3 to view dvb-c channels. After an update to kde4
> > version I can scan fine for dvb channels but when I want to start to play
> > something it will just say "cannot find demultiplexer plugin for the
> > given media data". Tested again with some random files on my hd and it
> > worked without problems. They are mpeg4 avc and similar codecs. I dumped
> > the stream with `mplayer dvb://ZDF -dumpstream` and tried to start it
> > afterwards with `kaffeine stream.dump` and it worked fine.
> Stop double-clicking on channel entries ...
Thanks. This helps but maybe it should be changed in upstream as there is no 
reason to work different on double clicks and generating error messages.
And this also happens when I click on one channel and then on a different 
channel afterwards.  Sometimes I have to press 3 channels in a row to get the 
same problem.

> This is fixed in svn (device detection using solid).
ok, thanks. Looking forward for the next beta.

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