2010/6/6 Johannes Graumann <johannes_graum...@web.de>:
> Package: kaffeine
> Version: 1.0-1
> Severity: important
> When tryong to play a DVD, the responsible part of kaffeine crashes with the
> error
>        KCrash: Application 'kaffeine-xbu' crashing...
>        sock_file=/home/balin/.kde/socket-osgiliath/kdeinit4__0

Backtrace? (but I can almost guarantee that the crash happens within xine-lib)

> Xine plays the dvd on the same machine.

There are two ways for setting the dvd drive. Apparently xine-lib
doesn't like the way I've chosen in your environment.

> There used to be a problem with drive selection in a prior version (manually
> changing the drive identification fixed it), however this version does no 
> longer
> allow access to the drive configuration via the GUI!?

The devices are auto-detected (using solid / HAL; if you want to play
a dvd kaffeine looks for a device containing a dvd and passes this
device to xine).



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