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> Hello Bert,
> Bert Riding schrieb am 30.07.2010 18:25:
> > [Requested information]
> thanks for the information, I've one further question: what kind of
> messages do you get from the user you want to ignore? Are those
> private messages, general messages on the channel or something
> different like error messages that user triggers by calling something
> which is filtered out but still reported to you? If you're unsure
> what kind of message it is, just make a screenshot.

The messages in question were channel invites.  I actually went into
the channel as was obnoxious and therefore banned so I guess I solved
the problem of unwanted invitations in a manner of speaking.

> Oh, and please answer the first question from my last e-mail ("1.
> Could you post the content of Configure -> Registered users?")
> > which, if different from the scripts installed by debian is from
> > kvirc not from me ;)

I mean Chatbox (the user) shows up in Configure -> Registered users,
but I never registered the name.  I suppose the /ignore script did that.
As I mentioned, the /ignore was indeed successful even though in the
popup right click on user name menu it says under Register "chatbox is
not registered" and under Ignore "chatbox is not being ignored".

> Could you rephrase that please? I'm not sure I understood that.
> Thank you in advance for your cooperation!
> Kind regards,
> Kai Wasserbäch

Once again the bug is not a failure of the script to ignore the user
but a failure of the menu system to reflect that.

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