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Kai Wasserbäch <deb...@carbon-project.org> wrote:

> Hello Bert,
> I forgot some questions I'd like you to answer:
> 1. Could you post the content of Configure -> Registered users
> 2. Please don't just give the name of the user you wanted to ignore,
> but a /whois for him
> 3. Please provide your ignore-Alias too, especially if you've changed
> reguser.setIgnoreFlags. You can reach the Alias Editor by pressing
> Ctrl+Shift+L or by navigating to Scripts > Edit Aliases.
> Thanks again,
> Kai Wasserbäch
Hi, Kai,

The various scripts are exactly as installed in debian sid.  It is way
over my head to be messing with the language of kvirc ;)


Chatbox (the user/bot I'm trying to ignore) keeps inviting me to
undernet channel #DataB, and I would prefer not to see these intrusive
invitations.  So I tried to /ignore him. 

The registered user dialog does list chatbox (Notify disabled) no
comment.  I didn't add this, so I presume kvirc did it when I tried to
ignore him.

The /whois (which we used to call a netmask" is as follows:
[10:03:05] Chatbox is chatbox!~d...@nv-71-49-129-98.dhcp.embarqhsd.net
[10:03:05] Chatbox's real name: d0pe
[10:03:05] Chatbox's channels: @#DataB
[10:03:05] Chatbox's server: *.undernet.org - The Undernet Underworld
[10:03:05] chatbox WHOIS info from mesa2.az.us.undernet.org

The ignore-alias is 
# This one adds a registered users database entry
# For the specified nick and uses the specified mask
# If no mask is specified , a default one is constructed
# Then the "ignore" property is set for the user to 1

        echo $tr("Usage:")
        echo "    /ignore [-r] <nick>"

# Now add the user (but do not replace old entries)

reguser.add $0 $mask($0,15);

# And finally set the property (use -n so the notify lists will be
restarted) # Check if ignore or unignore the user

        reguser.setIgnoreEnabled $0 1
        reguser.setIgnoreFlags -p -c -n -t -i -d $0
} else reguser.setIgnoreEnabled $0 0

which, if different from the scripts installed by debian is from kvirc
not from me ;)

Hopefully this is the information you requested.
Thanks for your help.


Bert Riding       
gnupg fingerprint:
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