this patch does not work for me unfortunatly. KMymoney merges transaction data 
of three different accounts into one account. All three belong to the same bank 
and user. This bank uses your user number as the first part and an account-type 
id as the second part (last three digits) as the accont number.

account 1: BLZ 100090900, account no. 1000123001
account 1: BLZ 100090900, account no. 1000123600
account 1: BLZ 100090900, account no. 1000123850

(changed my account no a little bit to protect the innocent - but the pattern 

greping for the kbanking references within the kmymoney xml file shows the 
  <ACCOUNT currency="EUR" description="" parentaccount="A000018" 
opened="2007-01-01" number="1000123001" lastmodified="2011-07-31" type="2" 
id="A000119" lastreconciled="" institution="I000002" name="PSD Sparcard">
   <ONLINEBANKING kbanking-acc-ref="1-1" provider="KBanking"/>
  <ACCOUNT currency="EUR" description="" parentaccount="A000018" 
opened="2006-01-01" number="1000123600" lastmodified="2011-07-31" type="1" 
id="A000120" lastreconciled="" institution="I000002" name="PSD Girokonto">
   <ONLINEBANKING kbanking-acc-ref="1-1" provider="KBanking"/>
  <ACCOUNT currency="EUR" description="" parentaccount="A000002" 
opened="2009-04-01" number="1000123850" lastmodified="2011-07-22" type="4" 
id="A000121" lastreconciled="" institution="I000002" name="PSD Mastercard">
   <ONLINEBANKING kbanking-acc-ref="1-1" provider="KBanking"/>

before testing i deleted my old kbanking account references, saved the 
kmymoney file and created a new kbanking (HBCI) online account and reassigned 
my accounts to it.

Thanks for creating the patch version for tests,
Stefan Seide

Am Freitag 29 Juli 2011, 12:22:56 schrieb Martin Steigerwald:
> Hi!
> I build a KMyMoney package with the patch imported.
> The whole thing works. Finally I have upto current Mastercard transactions
> in KMyMoney again.
> Please find my test package at:
> http://martin-steigerwald.de/tmp/debian/kmymoney-bug-625993/
> (I will delete this sometime after a fixed version is available
> officially.)
> Please include the patch in the official package.
> Benjamin, please test the package. I build for 64-Bit only. Its signed
> with my GPG key.
> Its easy enough to make one for 32-Bit:
> - apt-get source kmymoney
> - sudo apt-get build-dep kmymoney
> - cd kmymoney-4.5.3
> - quilt import ../removeLeadingzerosandsoon.patch
> - quilt push (donĀ“t think its strictly necessary, but it tests whether the
> patch applies)
> - quilt applied should show the patch as applied
> - dpkg-buildpackage -j8 -rfakeroot (eventually add -uc -us)
> Thanks,

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