Il 18/05/2012 08:21, Arnold Metselaar ha scritto:

I was mistaken in my previous message.  Generating a decent /etc/mtab with the 

grep "${CHROOT_PATH}" /etc/mtab | sed -e 

in /etc/schroot/setup.d/99mini-buildd helped get rid of warnings from df,
but mysqld was trying to start without it as well.

Mysqld tries to bind to a port at start-up, and fails when another mysqld 
outside the chroot is already
bound to that port. When mysqld is not running in the host machine, it starts 
in a chroot just fine.
It should also work when mysqld in the host is listening on a non-standard port.


Dunno how this reached digikam mailing list but you can start mysql without networking with the following in my.cnf:


or starting mysqld with --skip-networking option

or at your pleasure change port (usually 3307) with:
port = 3307

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