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Le vendredi, 15 juin 2012 11.12:11, Boris Pek a écrit :
> > And now I have questions about translations.
> > 
> > Conditions:
> > 1) There are no translation files in the source tree.
> > 2) Translations are available only in common svn repository of KDE
> > project [1].

To be honest, I don't really know the proper answer to these questions, so 
I'll let the rest of pkg-kde-extras express themselves if need be.

> > Questions:
> > 1) Should I package them manually into separate package or they will be
> > updated automatically in common package (like src:kde-l10n)?

I doubt so. kde-l10n contains the translation for KDE SC as far as I can tell.

> > 2) If I should package them manually how to do this in comfortable way?
> >    I mean: select and copy them one by one from svn repository doesn't
> > look good. It should be more common way.

Your upstream should rather release tarballs that include translations, 
approved by him.

In case he doesn't want, then pulling files in debian/po/ is probably the way 
to go.

> > 3) If I should package them manually should I make the separate package
> >    kde-config-gtk-style-i18n or just add them into the same binary
> > package? (Note: they will no weigh much)

Most certainly not for such a small package I'd say.



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