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> I am not sure if it is the plasma-nm transition from
> plasma-networkmanagement, but plasma-nm is no longer autoconnecting to wifi
> connections.  All of my previous wifi connections do not connect when I am
> in range, unless I manually tell plasma-nm applet to connect.  Manually
> doing this works fine but clearly is not the desired behavior.

> I have tried removing the "saved" connection and recreating it and rebooting
> but that does not help.  Note, when creating the connection without choosing
> it from the drop-down list in SSID field, the connection still prompts for
> pw when trying to connect using the applet.  So I deleted this connection as
> well and rebooted, and tried to readd it again this time from the drop-down
> list in SSID field and rebooted again.  Creating the connection this way
> allows it to connect manually without being prompted for pw, but is still
> manual and does not autoconnect on boot/login.
I'm not sure if this is a plasma-nm or a network-manager issue. Let's see, if
you set the connection to be shared between users (system connection) and in
autoconnect the connection is established by network-manager, without the need
of plasma-nm to do anything (I recommend setting your main network connection
this way, so your network connections doesn't depend on an applet being

If a system connection doesn't autoconnect then the issue needs to be
reassigned to network-manager.

> I have tried removing/reinserting kernel (iwlwifi) module with no success it
> still does not autconnect.

For network-manager issues, it's better to just restart network manager.

On the plasma-nm side, afaik, plasma-nm can store the secrets in the
networkmanagement config directory and in kwallet, but I'm not sure what
happends if you have the secrets in both, or if one is wrong, etc.

Could you check if the contents of ~/.kde/share/networkmanagement/secrets/*
make sense with respect to the connections you have configured. The
connections can be listed with: nmcli -f all c
to obtain the ids.

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