Hola, Maximiliano, Thank you for your reply. Sorry for the late reply. I
must have missed this email.

If I set the connection to use "All users may connect to this network", it
works as expected, right away (without rebooting or restarting network
service) and works on boot up. Please let me know if that means it is a bug
in plasma-nm or if it does indeed need to be re-assigned?

I am using the config directory and not kwallet.
my path is


The only odd thing with the configs in that dir is that the secret
seems to be in a different file than the UUID for the connection

so for example for SSID FOO the uuid is "{some-random-string}". But
"{some-random-string}" shows

which may be expected I don't know (it is wireless using wpa2), but
the psk for SSID FOO is in a different file called

"{someother-random-string}" shows

psk: mysupersecretpsk

Also I notice there is two files where the psk for this specific
connection appear. Let me know, Please let me know if you need any
more info.
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