Apologies for not putting the steps to reproduce in the bug. If you enter the  
"/setkey" command in any channel, successful outcome is a message explaining 
the correct parameters:

[Usage] Usage: /setkey <nick|channel> <key> sets the encryption key for nick 
or channel. /setkey <key> when in a channel or query tab sets the key for it. 
The key field recognises "cbc:" and "ecb:" prefixes to set the block cipher 
of operation to either Cipher-Block Chaining or Electronic Codebook. The mode 
it defaults to when no prefix is given can be changed in the configuration 
dialog under Behaviour -> Connection -> Encryption -> Default Encryption Type, 
with the default for that setting being Electronic Codebook (ECB).

Failure is the message about QCA being built:

[Error] Setting an encryption key requires Konversation to have been built 
with support for the Qt Cryptographic Architecture (QCA) library. Contact your 
distributor about a Konversation package with QCA support, or rebuild 
Konversation with QCA present.

I can confirm it works for me in 1.6-2

Thanks again,


On Wednesday 16 Sep 2015 22:42:55 you wrote:
> version: 1.6-2
> Hello,
> I showed your patch to the Konversation maintainer and pushed it upstream. I
> also applied it to konveration-1.6-2, and just uploaded that to Debian.
> It should be built and available in unstable in the next few hours.
> I wasn't able to figure out how to use the encryption support, so could you
> test this build and let me know if it's working?
> Thanks
> Diane Trout

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