Hi Diane,

On 08.01.2016 08:47, Diane Trout wrote:
> No I hadn't seen the previous bug report. Thank you for emailing me directly.

Thanks for your quick reply.

> I just looked at your patch and it seems pretty simple

Yes, they are mostly search and replace, though the patch also fixes memory
leaks. (Previously the correct way to free a frame was avcodec_free_frame,
not av_free.)

> though I'd ike to build and run it first.

That's always a good idea.

> Could you point me to any ffmpeg documentation about the deprecations in 2.9

To prevent any misunderstanding: This patch is not about deprecations introduced
in 2.9, but about deprecations from the 2.0 era. The APIs deprecated back then
got removed now. These API changes are documented in the APIchanges document 
(It's installed in ffmpeg-doc, as well.)
Also there is a Libav website about the (similar) changes in Libav 12 [2].

> If it works I should be able to upload a new version of amarok over the 
> weekend.

That would be great.

> I'm not sure if upstream is aware. They're in beta for a new release so I'll 
> need to go look at their new version. I'll try to do that over the weekend as 
> well.


Best regards,

1: https://anonscm.debian.org/cgit/collab-maint/ffmpeg.git/tree/doc/APIchanges
2: https://wiki.libav.org/Migration/12

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