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Hi Diane,

On 11.01.2016 20:34, Diane Trout wrote:
> Any chance you could weigh in on this KDE review? It's where I forwarded your 
> patch to upstream.

Thanks for forwarding this upstream, I'm marking the bug accordingly.

The patch works with recent FFmpeg versions, i.e. since 2.0.
If you really need to support older versions, you can guard
av_frame_alloc/av_frame_unref/av_frame_free e.g. with:

Also, it would be nice to (literally) replace the newly deprecated
av_free_packet with av_packet_unref, which can be guarded with:
(av_free_packet will probably be removed in about two years.)

I hope you can understand that I won't follow up on the upstream tracker,
as I've filed a lot of patches for this transition and following up
on all of the different upstream trackers would be asking too much of me.

Best regards,

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