Dear citizen,

Sequel to the series of petitions\complaints we receive from an individual, 
corporate bodies  and innocent citizen of India and other Asian countries 
concerning fraud online transaction and inability of world lottery organization 
to settle their client claims after meeting the requirement and deprived them 
of their funds through their dubious means.

The Reserve Bank of India has put in place a central fraud registry, which is a 
searchable database to help banks detect instances of fraud. An order was also 
issued to all commercial bank to begin a process of red-flagging account signs 
of fraud given that some bank officials and an individual indulge in fraud 
typically take advantage of lack of communication with banks.

As a result of this measures put together to track down the hoodlums. Alot of 
funds was recovered including your winnings with the assistance of British 
government and united nation organization. For this reason, we deemed it 
necessary and urgent to contact you via your e-mail address and to assure you 
that you will recover every single penny you have wrongly invested as well as 
you lottery claims.

We also want to inform you that Dr. Raghuram Rajan, and RBI can not request any 
funds or document from any individual as we can not deal directly with an 
individual in term of financial transaction but will refer them to our 
collaborated commercial bank while we monitor the transaction until the 
rightful beneficiary receives his funds.

For this point stated above, any transaction from FBI directly to an individual 
should be neglected as we plead with you to help us fight fraud in our nation.

Contact us via;  for more details on how to receive your 

Anticipating your urgent reply,

Reserve of india teamz.

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