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It shows nothing at all before the crash. I tested with adding --debug and I see that it crashes when initialazing phonon. I tested --debugaudio and it correctly find my audio config but still crash when it starts using it.

Same bug for juk on the same machine.

You might need to enable the corresponding kdebug outputs, that can be done either editing ~/.kde/share/config/kdebugrc or using the kdebugdialog tool. I'm using the default values in my vm and shows me some outputs, of course, not the crash.

I however have a professionnal machine with the same software version (updated both each day using same sources) that do not exhibit the problem. So I assume it has something to do with audio setup.

The backtrace points to vlc phonon then carsh in a QT5 library.

But vlc, XBMC configured to use pulse works for audio/video on this machine.

Ah, this is probably another instance of the vlc plugins cache update.
You might need to run: vlc-cache-gen -f /usr/lib/vlc/plugins
as root to update the plugins.

The vlc gui is a qt5 application, which is launched as a plugin, both amarok and juk are qt4 based. It's not possible to load qt4 and qt5 libs in the same program. Whenever you use vlc (through phonon or directly) if it finds that the plugins cache is not up to date it tries to update them. And when it tries to update the gui plugin a qt4 app will crash.

If this fixes the issue we'll need to reassign the bug to vlc.

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