On Sat, Sep 17, 2016 at 09:50:12PM +0200, Eike von Seggern wrote:

> after installing digikam with kipi-plugins on a non-KDE system, I cannot
> export files via 'Export->Export to remote storage'. On stderr, I get
> messages similar to:
>   "klauncher not running"
>   "no service file for klauncher"
>   "kinit not found in $PATH"
> (I can try to reproduce the exact messages if necessary).
> The problem looks similar to 801308 and
> http://askubuntu.com/questions/617955/problem-with-kde-programs-after-upgrading-to-15-04
> . Following the recommendations in the latter, I've installed
>  * kinit
>  * kio
>  * kio-extras
>  * kded5

So I tried to reproduce this issue with 5.2.0-3, but failed.  One difference 
from the
initial report is that installing digikam+kipi-plugins forced the install of 
kio.  I
did not have the other three you listed installed.  But in any case, the export 

Can you possibly try removing the four above and see if the problem recurs?


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