On Thursday, July 20, 2017 3:39:43 PM CDT Herminio Hernandez Jr wrote:

> I am trying to import my photos from my iphone to my desktop. I plug the
> iphone into the USB port and I see KDE recognizing and asking if I want
> digikam in import. I click on the digikam icon and it the app launches.
> After launch I recieve an error say the device is not recognized. I will
> be attaching a screenshot of the error.

What kind of iPhone is it?  

I see a similar report against OpenSUSE for iPhone 6S that shows the same 
error message; 

Of interest is this bit:

See also 

Apparently it broke with iOS 10 and you need to make sure that the iPhone 
"trusts" your computer so it exposes its filesystem. 

And, as Simon said: let us know if you try it with a newer version.  [which 
reminds me: we need a newer version for Debian ...]


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