On Sat, Feb 16, 2008 at 10:17:33AM +0100, Pierre Habouzit wrote:
> >     digikam
> >     k3b
> >     kcontrol
> >     kdirstat
> >     kexi
> >     konq-plugins
> >     konqueror
> >     ktorrent
> >     libk3b3
> >     libmyth-0.20.2
> >     mythdvd
> >     mythmusic
> >     mythtv-backend
> >     pdfedit
> >     trustedqsl
> >     virtualbox-ose

>   Okay that's quite a few, so the "Conflict" option sucks.

Well, considering this is a very small percentage of the total libqt3
reverse-deps, I think it's at least a "less bad" solution than a library
transition.  I don't know for sure, but would expect the impact on
dist-upgrades to be manageable.

> Here is another plan, tell me what you think, we put a debian specific
> hack in the glibc to reenable the extern inlines for _ONLY_ the packages
> that ask for it, for lenny, and remove it in lenny+1.

>   Qt _has_ to use it to build, though digikam and friends won't, so that
> they will _stop_ using the damn symbols. This way partial upgrades to
> lenny works, and in lenny+1 the symbols just disappear for good.

>   No Conflicts are needed, We only need a list of _library_ packages
> that have the stat (and other symbols) defined reuploaded with a

I would be inclined to argue that the conflicts should still be there in the
lenny+1 libqt3 package, since nothing else would enforce at the package
level that a user doesn't partially upgrade to lenny and then partially
upgrade again to lenny+1.

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