So, finally found some time to work on this.

On Wed, 06 Feb 08 23:48, Armin Berres wrote:
> 1) kdebase-workspace-bin contains the following public libraries:
> usr/lib/
> usr/lib/
> usr/lib/
> usr/lib/
> usr/lib/
> usr/lib/
> usr/lib/
> usr/lib/
> What do we do with them? 
> - Put them in a seperate library package?
> - Checkout which libraries are used by other applications/libraries and
> put them in a package on their own. Libraries not used are left
> untouched, but we remove the .so file and public headers (if existing)?

Nothing decided yet, suggestions?

> 2) kdm contains the following public libraries:
> Uh, none :) Dependency can be safely removed.


> 3) ksysguard contains the following public libraries:
> usr/lib/
> usr/lib/
> usr/lib/
> Ksysguard seems to have no real reverse dependencies (someone else
> should verify this!). My idea: Remove the .so files and the five public
> headers. If someone complains they should be shipped in a library
> package.

Anyone against this?

> 4) kwin contains the following public headers:
> usr/lib/
> usr/lib/
> usr/lib/
> libkdecorations needs to go into a seperate package in any case. See
> #463924. This needs to be done for KDE 3 as well.
> Don't know about the other libraries. libkwineffects also sounds like a
> posible candidate for a library package, don't know about
> libkwinnvidiahack.

Pending: Kwin renamed to kwin-kde4, libkwineffects1 and libkwineffects4
libkwinnvidiahack seems to be only needed my kwin internally to
set __GL_YIELD=NOTHING when nVidias libGl is used. What about removing
the .so file, as long as no one requests it? When it is needed somewhere
we put this in an extra package, too.



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