Hi Matthieu,
I am not sure to understand all the points of your mail, but here goes a try to

On Mon, Jun 09, 2008 at 10:55:27PM +0200, GALLIEN Matthieu wrote:
> Hi all
> I would like to add my opinion to that question.
> I am an happy Debian powerpc port user for 3 years and half.
> I have an old iBook G4.
> I am not able to test kde4.1 beta 1 in Debian without building myself the 
> debian packages or from kde svn.
> I do not want to build it on my old iBook, so what ?
> If debian devs whant users to test, please help users get the packages built 
> on their arch.
> I am saying that because I believe that kde4 will not be ready for Debian 
> unless it is tested. And I cannot test it because I have only obsolete 
> packages or they are not installable because others have been updated.
> I am sure that it is not only a problem of experimental powerpc buildd.

Actually, yes, it is just a problem with the experimental powerpc buildd, not
much we can do there.

> There is not really an easy way for some people willing to test to just do it.

For people with i386 or amd64 it is easy to test, specially since beta1 was
uploaded for both archs, no need from the autobuilders there.
I'm afraid this cover 90% of the users :(

> I have a more general question. How the other distribution are managing their 
> unstable version ?

I have not idea. Does another distros have the concept of unstable :?

> Is it not possible to work on kde4 in debian without relying on experimental ?

> Is kde4.1 really something experimental ?
Until it is released on the end of July, yes, it is experimental.
In debian the usual rule to upload stuff to experimental is: packages that are
not meant to be shipped in the next stable release.

> I thought kde4.0 was experimental and kde4.1 something working (I do not mean 
> complete, but does it crash ?).
No, kde 4.0 is not experimental. It is officially releaed since months ago and
it already have 5 revisions. It is stable for daily use, but for most of
people it does not fully replace KDE 3.

> How debian managed to include gnome 2 
> Did you wait for one year and half before shipping it ?

Again, I have not idea what happens in gnome-land.
You have to wait to ship it in the next stable release until this stable is
released. Usually new stufd is in the archive when it is released.

> I do not want to troll or sound harsh, but I am really convinced of the 
> problem of the chicken and egg. I also want to say thanks for your work and I 
> am sorry if my mail is the cause of hurt or pain, this is not my goal.

I'm very tired of this topic already. Getting a decision about what KDE ship
has been hard and I just want to continue working getting KDE 3.5.9 in shape
for Lenny and work in parallel in KDE 4.



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